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Ten students from Averill Park High School will participate in the 2022 Capital Region Media Arts Festival, which is a collection of artwork from 18 school districts in the area. This festival was developed and organized to provide students with a venue to explore and share their creative efforts in the media arts.

Every school selected 12 images for Photography and Graphic Design and up to 15 minutes of film. Award winners will be announced on the day of the festival, April 13.

Please congratulate the following students for their participation in this year’s 2022 Capital Region Media Arts Festival:

Ty Ardman, 12th Grade, Gear Head
Wolfgang Balga, 12th Grade, Free Fall
Ashlee Bayer, 12th Grade, Schism
Ashlee Bayer, 12th Grade, In My Grasp
Anabella Bushnell, 12th Grade, You Can’t Hold Me
Maisie Dawson, 11th Grade, Barn
Dayna Densmore, 12th Grade, Seeking Refuge
Ava Graziano, 11th Grade, On The Sidelines
Sonja Kaye, 12th Grade, Aunt Ethel’s Craving
Julia Pollock, 10th Grade, Converging Night
Liam Rounds, 12th Grade, Three/Thirteen
Liam Rounds, 12th Grade, Prospective Memory

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