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May 2-6 is Elementary Wellness Week!

Warrior Wellness days were held in March at both Averill Park High School and Algonquin Middle School. Now the elementary students get a turn! Averill Park Central School District’s Elementary students will focus on overall wellness during the first week of May. Each day of the week has a designated theme:

  • 5/2: Mindful Monday
  • 5/3: Try it Tuesday
  • 5/4: Wellness Wednesday
  • 5/5: Thankful Thursday
  • 5/6: Feel Good Friday

Students at Miller Hill-Sand Lake Elementary, Poestenkill Elementary, and West Sand Lake Elementary will have the opportunity to engage in wellness activities through movement, conversation, classroom activities, games and stories. They will learn about the importance of overall wellness as a key to success in both school and our community.