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After 21 years of teaching – 16 at APCSD – High School English Teacher Nancy Klepsch is retiring.

My mother always wanted me to become a teacher,” she said. “At 38, I was able to launch a commercial product into the consumer marketplace, which was a success.  As a result, I ‘retired’ from the business world at the age of 38, started graduate school and became a teacher as a second career. I am really proud that my mom was still alive to see me become a teacher. I also have several educators and administrators in my family, and I was influenced by them.”

Among her favorite memories from over the years, Mrs. Klepsch enjoyed playing in the teacher band and will never forget how the parents reacted, and how happy she was to dance and sing along. Other memories include the first time she helped a student pass the ELA Regents exam after failing it the first time.

“We worked so hard together, and when we got the news that she had passed, it was amazing,” she said. “Teaching English Honors was a gift this year. Lastly, I just got a message from a former student that now writes and publishes poetry. He told me that he started writing poetry because of my class, and you know what? He’s better than me, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

Mrs. Klepsch will miss her work family, the teamwork and the camaraderie.

Working together for this amount of time, and going through the challenges of a global pandemic, has made us grow in important ways as a group,” she said. “I will miss chicken nugget day in the cafe, and I will miss the popcorn from Mrs. Ryan’s class. I will miss all of the great support staff like the folks in finance, Mrs. Shupe, Mrs. Perez, Deputy Nikles, Wendy, and Gary in maintenance. I also want to give a shout-out to the tech office, especially Shannon. Also, thank you to APTA and my colleagues in the English department, the art department, the music department, the tech department, the math department, the science department, the health department, the special education and the social studies department. Some of my best lessons were aided by input from Mrs. Yost and the school library. Lastly, but never least, thanks Sorriento, Fairchild, Jon Zehnder, Marsha Gregory, Lorna Otty, Chris Hotaling, Kim Hall, Kelly Marrufo, Sharon Perez, HR staff, Mr. Quiles, Mrs. Leach, Mrs. Mein and Dr. Franchini for everything! Who could be a public school teacher with fewer colleagues and friends?” 

In retirement, Mrs. Klepsch will be supervising the last project on her home in Troy’s downtown historic district and will return to her creative life.

I am hosting a large poetry reading at the Melville House in Troy in September, and working on my second book of poetry,” she said. “I serve as the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Troy Architectural Program, and will get further involved in the community. Hopefully, I will be able to practice my guitar more. I’ll also get to spend more time with my friends, family, my spouse Lauren and our beloved pups, Eli, Misha and Stella! For me, I am not really retiring, but, rather, entering ‘chapter two.’”

nancy klepsch