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Sue Konieczny has been teaching in the Averill Park Central School District for 37 years and plans on retiring this month.

“I have always loved children and enjoyed watching them look at the world eagerly and with wonder,” she said. “Helping kids to learn and discover new things is very rewarding.”

After teaching kindergarten, fourth grade and second grade, Ms. Konieczny stated that her best memories have always been of the first day of school.

“Working with a new group of students and the promise of what lay ahead was always very exciting,” she said.

Ms. Konieczny is excited about retirement and looks forward to new adventures, but she will miss her colleagues and the children.

“I am very grateful to have worked all those years with the best children, families and staff at Miller Hill-Sand Lake Elementary School,” she said. “I have made many strong connections.”

In retirement, Ms. Konieczny hopes to return as a substitute to maintain the connections that she made over the years. She also plans to enjoy family and friends, discover new experiences, and she will be volunteering with the Whiskers Animal Benevolent League, a volunteer group that takes in, cares for, and finds homes for stray cats.

Sue Konieczny