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For the past 23 years, Beth Magill has been working in the Averill Park Central School District, calling Algonquin Middle School home. She plans to retire this month.

“I decided to work in education because I thought I had something to contribute and enjoyed working with children,” she said. “My love of reading made Literacy a logical choice for my degree.”

Mrs. Magill’s favorite memories involve both students and colleagues.

“Favorite memories include witnessing a student’s excitement when they finished a book they enjoyed or were able to defend their opinion based on something they had read. Memories of colleagues who always put students first and were always willing to change in order to meet the needs of their students,” she said. “Algonquin is truly a wonderful, special place to work, and I will miss the people the most. As I have always said, Algonquin does middle school right. We are like a family here and I will miss those relationships.”

In retirement, Mrs. Magill plans to travel and spend time with family.

“I believe I will explore some other interests after some time off to just be retired,” she said.

beth magill