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Over the summer, our OT and PT staff installed sensory pathways in each elementary building. We are very excited about this opportunity for our students to access this pathway every day.

A sensory pathway is a colorful, creative, and playful way for kids to build connections in the brain responsible for sight, touch, sound, etc., enabling students to complete complex, multi-stage tasks. Sensory pathways are a great way for kids to develop motor skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.

Sensory pathways also support sensory play, designed to stimulate and improve children’s five senses. In addition to helping students become aware of their senses, sensory play (and, by definition, sensory pathways) also functions as an excellent “brain break.” High-intensity activities such as a sensory pathway get the blood pumping, helping children to sit still and focus for longer periods in the classroom.

sensory pathway