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Ed Gray has been driving a school bus for the Averill Park Central School District for 12 years. He will officially retire on Monday, November 21.

This is the second time Mr. Gray has retired, the first time coming after working for 28 years at Stewart’s Shops.

“I was too young to sit in the rocking chair just yet, so I thought that I would like driving a school bus,” he said. “I was used to the busy, hectic pace of a Stewart’s store, so I figured I fit right in driving a school bus with 40 or more kids.

“Once I started driving, I not only liked it I loved it,” he added.

After 12 years behind the wheel, Mr. Gray noted that the thing he loves the most is the interaction with the students.

“It’s hard to pick a favorite memory because every day you are creating new memories, not only for yourself, but for the students,” he said.

Mr. Gray will miss hanging out in the break room with the other drivers and will miss the Transportation office staff and mechanics. Mostly, he’ll miss the “good morning, Ed” calls from the kids.

In retirement, Mr. Ed plans to spend more time with his wife, Sharon, and their 14 grandchildren. He won’t be completely gone, though, as he plans to be a substitute bus driver, focusing mostly on sports trips a few times a week.

ed gray