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At APHS, we will run a ROTATION ONE Two-Hour Delay Schedule, linked here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lcPp84ngqBMdb_zIdS__uFIYRBn0XRQbKettmfZ2tgk/edit?usp=sharing
We will run:
  • Block 1/5:  9:30-10:50 with announcements at the end
  • Block 3/7:  10:55-12:45 with normal lunches
  • Block 2/6:  12:50-1:28
  • Block 4/8:  1:33-2:10
There will be no advisory.
Afternoon Questar III BOCES will run its regular schedule. Due to the 2-hour delay, there is no AM BOCES today. Students that need to use district transportation and normally attend BOCES in the morning, will work independently in the library. These students will need to sign in at the library circulation desk. Students that drive, can come to school shortly before their afternoon classes at APHS.