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On Monday, Feb. 13, students in Mr. Duff and Mr. Miller’s Introduction to Video Game Development class hosted administrators from the High School and District Office to play student-created board games. The students were split into four groups and each created a game.

Relic Robber – Four people compete to see who can steal four of the seven sacred relics. As you travel the board, you will be faced with challenges to keep the relics you stole as your opponents are right on your heels trying to take them for themselves.

Mirage – Once, four brave travelers were exploring a forest that has been said to have supernatural properties. Along the way, one trips on a tree root and lands on a fairy’s house, crushing it. The fairy was furious. So she casts a curse on the four travelers that transforms them into tiny creatures. The travelers begged and pleaded with the fairy to change them back and they’ll be on their way. This gives the fairy an idea. To pay for the damages of her house, the fairy would host a race, where she’d charge $10 admission. And she promised that the winner would be transformed back into a human. And to keep it interesting, the fairy gives each traveler a spell book with 3 pages of spells to use against each other.

Looped – Looped is a two-player game with never-ending fun, with a competitive edge and exciting gameplay. Between making progress for yourself and taking progress from your opponent, this game tests your strategy and gameplay decisions. With skill and a little bit of luck, you could be the infinity champion.

Pisha – Pisha is a two-part board game, where each player (4 players max) gets their own slice of cheese pizza and a game piece that you have to move throughout the map landing on differently marked places throughout the board, some spaces will put you at risk of swapping slices with someone. The ‘Extra Cheese’ place gives some player vs. player challenges. The player who lands on the space will pick another player (best option is the player with the most good toppings), this gives you the opportunity to compete in a three-question battle. You each get asked the questions at the same time by another member of the game and you write your answers (or answer as the questions are being asked). The player with the most right answers takes 2 of the other players’ toppings as their reward. The trivia places require you to pick up a trivia card and if guessed correctly you get a good topping and if wrong you get a bad topping. The goal is to end with the most good toppings. For every bad topping you go back a space If you roll a 4, you have to take a bad topping off of each player and then move or don’t take your turn at all (if the game just started and there are none for you to take then re-roll).

playing a game

students playing a game