On Wednesday afternoon, the APHS Angler Club visited a section of the Wynants Kill near school to check the health of the stream and see what the fish are eating. Students identified several macroinvertebrates such as caddisflies, dragonfly larva, scuds, stoneflies, and craneflies. Ms. Gawron taught the group about the importance of trying to “match the hatch” when fishing for trout.

Club members then ventured down to Coeymans near the mouth of the Hannacroix Creek to volunteer for the DEC’s Eel Monitoring Project, where they learned about the eel’s fascinating migration from the Sargasso Sea and their importance in the Hudson River Estuary. The students counted 257 glass eels and 44 elvers before releasing them upstream and received volunteer hours for contributing to citizen science.

If you are interested in the Angler Club and/or contributing to citizen science and volunteering, please see Ms. Hunter in room 621 in the high school or email hunterd@apcsd.org.