The Sandra Morley PE Leadership awards were handed out during a ceremony at Hudson Valley Community College this week. Students were selected for their leadership skills, positive attitude, behavior and performance. In total, 770 students from the region were selected.

APCSD students include:

WSL: Manuel DeAndres, Adam Willey, Emily Simpson, Ava Cioffi, Zoey MacFarland and Olivia Collin.

PES: Mikayla Jones, Harper Fridmann, Alaina Hammond, Nicholas Borden, Logan Archambault and Jacob Hunt.

MHSL: Jackson D’Agostino, Nick Robilotta, Dominick Comitale, Laney Cox, McKenna Kelley and Nora Hinsdale.

AMS: Roman Badia, Dylan Rouleau, Braeden Kilgallon, Kody Thompson, Brady Ahern, Madelyn Charron, Emelia Sala, Mora Bogart, Marley Hanlon, Abigail Hurst.