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Algonquin Middle School celebrated its 20th Annual Richtol’s Read All Day (RRAD) on Friday, May 26. The day is a celebration of reading and literacy, named in memory of Literacy teacher Ms. Richtol, who started RRAD in 2003.

This morning in the auditorium, special AMS guest readers volunteered their time to read to classes. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Speirs shared some funny short stories. Ms. Costello read two stories: one scary and the other sci fi, with big twists at the end. Dr. Rhode read a graphic novel about Elvis and played acoustic versions of two popular songs.

All AMS students were able to see presentations from award winning Saratoga author Steve Sheinkin, our special guest author. Mr. Sheinkin won a Newbery Honor for his book Bomb in 2013. Bomb is about World War II and the creation of the atomic bomb. Mr. Sheinkin has written more than 15 books and has received many awards. Some students opted to have lunch with Mr. Sheinkin when he arrived where they had a chance to ask him questions. Last period there was an additional Q and A session as well.

A generous donation from the Student Council and the APO has made this author visit possible. Thank you so much for bringing this opportunity to our students!

To learn more about Mr. Sheinkin, check out his website: http://stevesheinkin.com/\