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Special Education Teacher Ann Marie Laliberte began her career at Averill Park CSD in 1993, and after 30 years she is officially retired.

“At the time, the district was creating a new special education classroom that would provide services to students with a variety of ability levels. It was an opportunity that I eagerly wanted to be a part of,” she said. “I have been teaching 30 years in the district and have worked at Miller Hill, George Washington, and West Sand Lake.”

Originally, Mrs. Laliberte became a teacher to make learning fun and provide a positive experience for all students.

“I have always had the desire to work with children who have special needs. Averill Park has allowed me the opportunity to follow my passion and remain working in this position my entire career,” she said. “I will miss the students and staff that have helped me learn and grow in my profession. I treasure the lessons they have taught me and the experiences that I have had in the district.”

In retirement, Mrs. Laliberte plans on spending time with family, and she hopes to continue to work with children with special needs in some capacity.