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Jennifer Mallory is officially retired after working for 27 years in the Averill Park Central School District, with the first five years at Poestenkill Elementary School as a Teacher Aide, and the past 22 years as a Teaching Assistant at Algonquin Middle School.

Mrs. Mallory always loved working with kids and watching them grow and learn new things. This naturally led to her being in the classroom, first with young students and then with teenagers.

“There are so many favorite memories it is difficult to choose just one. I can remember when I was working as a long-term substitute in 1st grade and our frogs that we had watched develop from tadpoles escaped the tank they were in and hopped around the room. It made for an exciting time as 23 six-year-olds chased them,” she said. “Then at middle school I was surprised with a beach themed retirement party! It was planned, organized, and hosted by a teacher and her homeroom. Shout out to Ms. Longendyke and MM 712! The best part was to see the students’ excited faces and to hear their comments about how they are going to miss me.”

Mrs. Mallory won’t just miss the students that she got to know over the years, but also her colleagues. In retirement, she plans on taking a few vacations and spending a large amount of time with her seven grandchildren.