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The Transformation Project, an initiative led by the NØpiates Committee in collaboration with Arts Letters & Numbers and Sand Lake Center for the Arts, aims to raise awareness about Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and its impact on individuals, families, and communities through the lens of art.

The project seeks to cultivate an environment of safety and inclusivity, encouraging individuals and their families affected by SUD to share their experiences through artistic expression. Through a regional open call, the project has brought together a broad range of voices and creative expressions by visual artists, writers, musicians, and performers who will showcase their works during the Transformation Project Show, curated by Frida Foberg and the collaborating organizations.

The show runs throughout the month of December, 2023 and opens on December 2 with an exhibition at Arts Letters & Numbers, followed by a performance show and a selected works exhibition at the Sand Lake Center for the Arts on December 9th.

The project plays a crucial role in building supportive communities that transcend age, values, and beliefs. It provides a safe space for expression and sheds light on the hardships faced and long with the shame and stigma often felt by those affected by the disease of addiction. The collaboration between the organizations offers a unique opportunity to bridge communities, bringing together individuals and families affected by SUD and those who wish to be allies.  The NØpiates Committee is committed to raising awareness of the opioid epidemic, providing support, and advocating for those affected by SUD. Sand Lake Center for the Arts works to enrich community life and human understanding by fostering the discovery, appreciation, and creation of the arts through education and engagement by both practicing artists and the broader community. Arts Letters & Numbers mission is to promote creative exchanges between a broad spectrum of voices, allowing people and their works to listen to each other. All the organizations involved share the mission of making individuals feel seen and cared for.

Arts Letters & Numbers 1548 Burden Lake Rd, Averill Park, NY

  • 3-6pm | Dec 2nd, 2023 – Opening Event
  • 3-6pm | Dec 3rd-6th, 2023 – Exhibition open for viewing

Sand Lake Center for the Arts 2880 NY-43, Averill Park, NY

  • 3-6pm | Dec 9th, 2023 – Opening and Performance Event
  • Noon-3pm | Dec 16th, 23rd 2023 – Exhibition open for viewing
  • 11am-2pm | Dec 11th-Dec 15th, Dec 27th-Dec 28th – Exhibition open for viewing