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Congratulations to Deborah Dobert, Teaching Assistant, and the following AMS Food Service staff: Zack Van Loan, Mary Paris, Farrel Salsbury, and Amanda Cropsy for being named Averill Park CSD Employees of the Month for January, 2024!

As a Teaching Assistant, Deborah works tirelessly for the students and makes a long-lasting positive influence on the class. She steps up to do what needs to be accomplished, organizing thoughtful events and trips for the students. Deborah has a talent for creating a wonderful environment that fosters student growth and development.

The Food Service team at the Algonquin Middle School cafeteria including Zack Van Loan, Mary Paris, Farrel Salsbury, and Amanda Cropsy, embody positivity and dedication to service. The team welcomes students to the kitchen every Tuesday, where they learn valuable, thoughtful skills that last a lifetime.

Multiple students posing with teacher assistant. Students pose with AMS kitchen staff and other administration.