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Four APHS French 5 students recently earned the Seal of Biliteracy, a NYS Department of Education graduation distinction that recognizes high school seniors who have attained a high level of proficiency in a world language.  The students chose the topics of their presentations that were given in French to a panel of near-native French speakers.  Caroline Nero discussed the history of ballet and Paula DeAndres examined French patriotism.  Violet Dupuis explored the lives of Olympe de Gouges, Marie Lachapelle, Rose Valland and their contributions to French society while Alfred Fizzuoglio discussed several past French-winning singers of the Eurovision Song Contest. APHS alumni Christopher Tozzi, Ph.D, (class of 2004) and Beverly Beaudette (class of 2010), retired AMS French and Spanish teacher Dawn Lantry, current AMS French teacher Amy Miller, and APHS chemistry teacher Rachel Carey generously served on the panel.