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After 8 years of bus driving for the Averill Park CSD Transportation Department, Dena Werger is set to retire. 

Dena previously worked at Main-Care Energy, but this long-time Averill Park resident was looking for a shorter commute and a shorter work day. She found that being a Bus Driver at AP was a great fit. She enjoyed working with the kids every day and befriending her exceptional coworkers. “It has been enjoyable, the people are good to work with,” Dena said. 

“It’s always nice to see when they smile getting on or off the bus, or when the little ones give you a hug,” she said. “If I was out for the day, the children would complain that I wasn’t there and they would say ‘Don’t do that again, we missed you’.”

In retirement, Dena plans to travel. She will also spend time gardening and possibly sub for a few days a week.