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Contacting the Board of Education

Public Complaints/Questions

The Board of Education recognizes the right of community members to register individual or group concerns regarding instruction, district programs, materials, parties involved, whenever possible. Public complaints about the school district will be directed to the proper administrative personnel. Questions will be handled in the same manner as a complaint.

Complaints about specific classroom practices shall be directed to the teacher concerned. If the matter is not settled satisfactorily, the complainant shall then contact the Building Principal; if there is no resolution on this level, the Superintendent of Schools shall be contacted. Matters not resolved at the Superintendents level shall be referred to the Board of Education for final resolution.

All matters referred to the Superintendent and/or the Board should be in writing (includes email).

The request/complaint shall include the name, address and phone number of the individual making the request/complaint in order for the Board to consider a response. Concerns registered directly to the Board as a whole or to an individual Board member shall also be received by the Superintendent for investigation, report, and/or resolution. The Superintendent shall refer the complaint back to the building level for initial review and resolution. The Superintendent or designee will respond back to individual complainant in writing. In the event of the need for a response from the Board, the Board will authorize such a response.

To contact members of the Board of Education, email boeap@apcsd.org