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Technology Services

Technology Services

District Technology Contact Information:

Alex Cioffi, Network Technician ext. 7262 or  (518) 674-7031
Shanon Kershaw, Network Technician ext. 7261 or  (518) 674-7069
Travis Malone, Network Technician ext. 7263 or (518) 674-7032
Melissa Weatherwax, Tech Integration Specialist

District-Wide Technology Goals

  • The district will provide opportunities for multiple learning pathways for all students and staff, capitalizing on our 1:1 and wireless environments.
  • The district will provide ongoing and sustained,synchronous and asynchronous, professional learning for all employees to promote future ready teaching and learning.
  • Through targeted, professional learning, teachers will lead dynamic learning, fostering collaboration, creativity and future ready student learning, in all newly transformed learning spaces.
  • Through the use of the district’s 1:1 program, teachers will embed the New York State Computer Science and Digital Fluency standards in all K-12 content area classrooms beginning in September 2024.