The Smart Schools Bond Act was approved by voters during the general election on November 4, 2014. The Smart Schools Bond Act authorized $2 billion of general obligation bonds to finance educational technology and infrastructure to improve the learning environment of students throughout the State. The plan allocated $2.1 million in ‘Smart Schools’ funds to the District for technology and security enhancements. Districts interested in obtaining funds were required to follow a rigorous process to develop and submit a Smart Schools Investment Plan.


PHASE I – 2015 – $1,085,055

    • Replacement of switches, including cabling, UPS
    • Wireless access points, including installation, licensing, cables
    • Distance Learning at AMS
    • Design and management costs, contingency

APCSD to Hold Public Hearing on ‘Smart Schools’ Funding Oct. 27


PHASE II – 2018 – $925,300

    • Security enhancements
    • Cameras and lighting

APCSD Holds Public Hearing on Phase 2 of ‘Smart Schools’ Funding


PHASE III – 2021 – $150,452

    • Chromebooks for elementary school
    • Provide 1:1 in each classroom in grades 2-4

APCSD Holds Public Hearing on Phase 3 of ‘Smart Schools’ Funding


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APCSD Smart Schools Investment Plan (Updated 2/9/21)
Averill Park Instructional Technology Plan
School District Allocations