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APHS science teacher Dr. Reddy is spearheading the first year of a new science research program. In this program, students will research a specific field of science, design experimental studies, and learn with a mentor from that field of science. Each mentor has either a PhD or an MD. The goal is to land internships and get real-life experience early in their educational career. 

One of these students, sophomore Tessa Lindheimer, has studied aquatic biology by focusing on corals and their relationship with sea cucumbers. She hopes to complete further research by making her own saltwater tank. Tessa’s mentor is Dr. Mark Ladd, a Florida resident who works at NOAA Fisheries. He has provided her with valuable insight and advice. When asked how this program has impacted her, she said, “I really love this program. It gives me a new way of learning that’s not just by the books and lets me use my hands to learn.”

Another student from this program, junior Gideon Covert, has been interning in a lab since December 2023. Gideon is studying immunology with help from his mentor Dr. MacNamara, a doctor at the Albany Medical College. Gideon works at Dr. MacNamara’s lab two days a week for three and a half hours. He helps analyze data, processes biological materials from mice, and helps with the research machinery. When asked about this experience’s effect on him, he said, “It gives you some firsthand real-world experience. It teaches you responsibility in terms of scheduling and transportation as well as completing work for the betterment of others and not just for yourself.”

The high school is pleased to be offering this unique and highly valuable academic experience for its students. Dr. Reddy’s vision for this program, and what it will do for students who select this pathway, is both impressive and nicely aligned with APHS’s mission of providing students with access to programs that will prepare them for life after high school. This adds yet another element of college preparation to their offerings and is something to be proud of.