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Rock ‘N Roll Class Learns the Art of the Mixtape

APHS students in Mrs. Monroe’s Rock and Roll class learned the art of the mix tape recently! Lessons were shared about how a record is pressed, how AM radio changed the music game, and how FM changed it all over again. The class also learned about the importance of...

Algonquin News – Sept. 28, 2023

WARRIOR WAY ASSEMBLIES – WEDS (10/4) AND THURS (10/5) Our first Warrior Way Assemblies of 2023-24 will take place on Wednesday (Teams 1, 3 and 5) and Thursday (Teams 2, 4 and 6) during Morning Meeting. During our quarterly Warrior Way assemblies, students and...

AMS Serves Regional Food Bank

On Wednesday, September 27, 8th grade Team 5 students from Algonquin Middle School helped out at the Northeast Regional Food Bank Farm as part of the AMS Serves program!  

Kiwanis Donates to PES Kindness Closet

Sand Lake Kiwanis graciously supports Poestenkill Elementary School each year, typically with school supplies for our students. This year, because of the generosity of the PES PTA purchasing school supplies, the need changed. Kiwanis was able to support our PES...

APHS Teachers Piloting New Furniture

Engaging instruction is rarely about a person standing in front of the room while students passively listen. It’s about students collaborating with one another, learning to explore and solve problems, working as teams, and taking an active role in their...